Staying Cool!

Right now, it is hot in Buenos Aires. Most of the day, my goal has been to stay cool. If I am walking around the city, I will take a break by browsing in a shop full of brisk air conditioning. Another way I have been staying cool is to walk through one of the 100’s of parks. Trees are common on every street. It is such a blessing. If it wasn’t for the trees, the summers would be unbearable.

One hot afternoon, I discovered a great little shop. It is near the ‘centro’ or downtown area. This area is full of tourists and business people. Interestingly, in this area there are several streets without trees. Truthfully, at this point, I try to avoid this area as much as possible. But if you are or have to make a trip off of the 9 de Julio subte stop, I would check out this little fast-food restaurant.

I found this place because it is literally impossible to miss. It is on the corner of Lavalle and Suipacha. It is very colorful and there is a massive amount of fruit in the window and inside. They have tons of fresh fruit already cut-up and ready to go. I actually, didn’t investigate much of the menu because I was distracted by the cut-up bananas covered with dulce de leche, topped with homemade whip cream that I bought!

It was amazing and only 8 pesos!

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