Almost six months here in Buenos Aires and I have had many ups and downs. My other ex-pat friends all have agreed that around six months was when things began to get difficult. We are here alone. Of course, we create groups and have friends and go out. But we are alone.

I am just beginning to experience the millions of people at my fingertips because I am beginning to communicate with people. Sometimes, I am happy with what I hear, other times, I am not.

For some people, creating casual relationships, let alone, meaningful relationships, in your native language can be difficult. Not for me. I am also discovering that when I am feeling confident that I can be just as much myself in Spanish. Thankfully, I can make ‘friends’ with just about anyone. Or at least, start up a conversation.

It’s the long lasting relationships that I don’t feel very often. I think I have one girlfriend, that I met on my own, from here, which I could say is my friend, with potential for long-term. I have a very small amount of good friends. Not enough for my social tastes.

I went back and forth, thinking about going to Chicago for the summer. I work in the restaurant business and many places hire for the summer seating. I thought, I could make a lot more money in Chicago and come back, fresh. I even bought a ticket.

After talking to many different people with many different opinions and experiences, I decided to stay. One of friends said, 'All you need is courage and hope for a little luck' and you are going to be fine. I am just beginning to start talking in Spanish. I don't want to leave before the magic happens.
So now, my next move is to do everything that I possibly can to find ANY kind of work here.

So far......
for money, over the last six months I have:

Watched a little 6 year old girl.
Prepped in a kitchen.
Watched/trained a dog.

(And currently)
I am an English Conversationalist/Professor.

There are many things that I wish I did better, organized better, thought about more. But I do feel that I did a lot right. I am trying not to be concerned with this and just keep going forward.

I am starting at the UBA (Buenos Aires University) next week. Out of 8 levels, my Spanish is on level 4.

That’s the latest. I don’t know where this BLOG is going but I’m entering another level of understanding for this incredible city. I will be sure to inform my readers of any interesting explorations! Thank you for being so supportive!


The artist

The following photos are a collection of work that I feel symbolize many deep and intricate parts of the incredible city of Buenos Aires. Each one should stand alone but together they can tell a story. Enjoy.

Photos:Fotos de Buenos Aires.