Home to Chicago, USA

After living in Argentina since November 2009, I came home to Chicago. Any Chicagoan will tell you that the summer in Chicago is one of the most incredible experiences you could ever have. The streets are filled with people, happy people. The sleek buildings look proud over the blue sky. The color of the lake is an aqua blue covered with hundreds of boats. People are out and about striking up a conversation about whatever they are thinking. When the air feels heavy and the sun feels strong, people go a little crazy. We are used to suffering in a cold is so great that when out of the streets our brains cannot think about anything but warmth. All the sudden our brains are alive to explore our thoughts on the street. We are animals free to explore our habitat for the first time in months. My favorite thing in the world is to see this happen.

In my lifetime, I have seen hundreds of people pass me by while I observe them. Here, in Chicago, that means people of all different races, religions, neighborhoods, education levels, economic status and moods. I have seen scary people and friendly people. I have seen tourists from other countries or states and people assimilating from other countries or states. Not until now, have I truly understood what they experience. I know the loneliness and longing for family or friends. I have a list in my head of what experiences and foods are unique to my country, some of which are from other cultures, like Mexico, India or Italy. I can feel my body creating a longing for Argentina but for today I am happy to be home in my country, specifically my city. I am happy the English side of my family came to Chicago in 1872. I am very happy to be from Chicago.