Mi Cocina

I am more settled in to my life here in Buenos Aires. One of the things that I love the most has been the necessity to cook. I love food so much. Unless you cook all the time, in the U.S., cooking for one can be really expensive. In the U.S. I can go to the grocery store with a shopping list for dinner and by the time I leave the store, a $40 receipt. Or I can go to subway and get a $5.00 footlong. It's a no brainer! Especially, this last year, while I was saving for this trip, I ate a lot of Subway!

Now, that I have tapped into my cooking skills on a consistent basis. I see the reward of it as more than a way to save money or convenience, which it is here. For me, I have a whole other challenge of learning the words of the spices, vegetables, flours and such. My mind is very tired. After a long day of thinking in Spanish and English it is a joy to have my little kitchen (pictured above) at the end of the day. Here I can create something fantastic with no words.

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