Requirement to enter: RELAX (relajado)

I wish anyone the best of luck, if you are in a hurry in Buenos Aires. It is almost impossible to rush around people in Buenos Aires. First, no one is in a hurry and there is a phenomenon that happens when you walk down the street. People here tend to not walk in a straight line. It is strange.

I thought that the crooked sidewalks were the problem and then I was talking to a friend of mine who works on the body (acupuncture ext.). He said that it was possible that the over-consumption of meat is causing liver damage and therefore causing an imbalance. I don’t have the answers.

I only noticed it because I am an extremely fast walker. There have been many times; walking down the street with only one person is in front of me and I still can’t get around. I have had to conjure up a great deal of patience since I have arrived. I have also discovered that my dancing skills have been the only way to combat this problem. I have been seen doing a ballet leap through crowds.

For some reason, in this city, it has been more challenging to be on time. There is always a line for everything. There is always a crowd. Many times a street is blocked off, a bus doesn’t come or the Subte is closed. There is always something. Thankfully, people usually don’t show up or are also late, so it is fine. In fact, I was told that you aren’t considered late unless it is almost 20 min after expected.

This city is seemingly never ending with people in every which way. I could walk down the angled streets for hours, finding new shops, caf├ęs, and bookstores. There is a beat here, a ‘flow’. The longer that I am here the more this ‘flow’ becomes a part of me.

I am constantly discovering something here in Buenos Aires. Just when I think I understand this city, I am surprised. Sometimes, I feel like this city gives me a present every day. There is a balance to this offering. Just like life, sometimes I don’t like the present, other times, I do.

I truly enjoy Buenos Aires, I believe because I was completely open to a major shift in my being before I arrived. Since, I have allowed Buenos Aires to engulf me, I have been able to relax and this city has become a somewhat magical place.


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  2. The dog waste is definately a problem. I forgot to say that.

    No...that isn't the issue. I'm basing my opinion off of a collection of neighborhoods that i have visited.

    But I must say, that I am always in a hurry. I suppose that I notice myself hurrying more here then in Chicago.