Cafe Martinez

Martínez is a city in San Isidro Partido, Buenos Aires Province.

But it is also a common café or coffee shop in Buenos Aires. Locals call it the Starbucks of Buenos Aires. There are over 50 locations. For me, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially, if you are only here for a very short period of time, they offer a reliably great cup of coffee and always fresh deserts. Here in Buenos Aires, generally, service is somewhat lacking. Since I am from the restaurant business, I would say, that for Buenos Aires, Martinez runs a tight ship.

They have been around since 1933. They have a superb website:


Here, you can click on the green box, for a list of locations. Right now the box says Aperuras Nevos locales. Or you could just walk down the street and chances are that you will find a Martinez Café.

For people from the states who know brewed coffee. This doesn’t exist here. Here they drink espresso, a single or double. If you want a watered down espresso, you order an Americana. The only place that I have seen that has brewed cup of coffee is McDonald’s. Starbucks is one of the only places that will make an Americana filled to the top of the cup, to appear as if it was a brewed cup of coffee.

Or be like me and switch to Mate, like a real Argentine. BESOS!!!!!

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