La Música

When it comes to music, I have opinions but I do not hate nor do I judge. This subject is tricky because I don’t want to sound pretentious nor do I want to sound deficient or nonsensical. Music, for me, is like water or food. It is not up to me to decide what ‘tastes’ good to you. However, I am searching for what ‘tastes’ good to me and, like food, it is a necessity.

Since I have been here, I have been to several music shops. They usually have a nice Brazilian section and somewhat of a general Latin section. But, here in Argentina, they like English music. Their music shops are almost identical to the ones in Chicago. They like music that I already know and that I am ready to venture away from. Each time I ask a local about the local music, they say, ‘you mean, Tango?’

I try really hard not to laugh when someone suggests Jazz or Blues to me. But I laugh, at the irony because I am from Chicago and I have been 'been around the block', or two, with
the genuine Blues scene. Reggae is really big here. I found this to be an interesting fact.

And, of course, there is Rock National music. These are local rock bands, many of them remind me of the Indie-Punk scene in Chicago but in Spanish. This scene evolved from the British Invasion of music and American rockabilly. When it comes to a unique quality Argentina has attained it within the Rock National bands. I am keeping an eye on some well known venues for these bands. One of those venues is La Trastienda in San Telmo.

I just imagined there to be more accessible Spanish-style music or Brazilian. I am thinking a little Jarabe De Palo influence. But I am looking for something that is not here. I need to re-adjust.

I went to see a local Joaquin Sabina cover artist a few weeks ago at Senior Pub, Laprida 911.(Picture above) It was a fantastic little pub, just like Chicago, with a little space in the front and a nice spot-light for the one man acoustic show. This chain smoking, joke-telling man’s name was Atilio Amir and he certainly fulfilled a need of mine for live music.

For now, I sit back and relax with what I have.
But it has come to my attention that I am still looking for Spain.


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  2. Thank you for reading and the information. I will look into it!