La Bomba de Tiempo

If you are looking for a place to go on a Monday night, check out La Bomba de Tiempo (7pm-11pm) at Konex (http://www.ciudadculturalkonex.org/web/index.php) Located on Sarmiento 3131 in the Balvanera neighborhood or what the locals call ‘Once’.

La Bomba de Tiempo
is a very energetic drum line with guest singers. http://labombadetiempo.blogspot.com/

When you arrive try to find the end of a long line and start waiting (it goes fast). Outside there are people selling beer and there was someone selling Mexican Burritos. Also, tons of people passing out flyers. It is wild!

For a moment, I felt like I was walking into Bonnaroo Music festival. Then I realized this is kind of a ‘hippie thing’. It felt like a drum circle event that would take place in the West of the States.

After they rush you inside, you pay 20 pesos and it opens up to a huge atrium. They had video screens in different places and I could hear the music. People everywhere.

As we got closer to the musicians, I noticed a huge room jam packed with people and a stage of drummers. On the sides there were groups of people dancing but mostly people were just grooving to the beat.

It got a little hot inside, so after a while; my friends and I went outside to the atrium area and just hung out with people.

Great place to meet travelers and locals too. Overall a great experience.

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  1. they are so great!

    hi, from de barman of Dudui bar.