Sunday (Domingo)

Buenos Aires does not sleep, unless it is Sunday. Streets that are usually alive with people are eerily quiet on Sunday. Many of the regular restaurants, grocery stores and vegetable shops are closed. Sunday is a time to recuperate after a long week of work and a very long weekend of dancing or ‘partying’. Whenever you wake up, you might have an asado with your family or friends. Or you might meet someone for coffee at 6pm. Or you might leave the house. The key word is might. Nothing is set in stone. No one is in a hurry, to church or to anything. It is truly a time to relax. The only thing that disrupts this fact is the tourists. Tourists do force certain businesses and areas to remain alive because where there are tourists; there is money to be made. (photos of tourist areas on Sunday)

Personally, I have been falling more into the local attitude and relaxing. The most important thing, for me, is that I have a little food in the fridge and maybe a little company for my extremely tranquil Sunday.

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