If you are on a gluten-free diet, vegan/vegetarian or can appreciate a nice organic shampoo you will be visiting dieteticas. They are all different and based on the individual owners desires. Some are focused on herbal medicines/vitamins or natural products for the body. Others are focused on food, spices and nuts. I thought that I would be thrilled to find the body products but they still have tons of fragrance in them. Surprising, I haven’t found a lot of sensitive skin products to choose from in these shops, yet. The other day, I stumbled across my dream dietetica. Upon entering, I felt an immediate sense of peace. The walls were lined with spices and there were barrels of nuts and dried fruits. I studied the spices and realized that I could get almost all the spices that I have been looking for. Of course, in the US, I am used to purchasing them in little expensive bottles or for rubs, they are already mixed with George Foreman's name on them. Here you can make you own rub easily and without breaking the bank. I am thrilled! In fact, they give you so much, as a minimum, that I had to ask them to give me half and it was still under 2 pesos. My first purchase was garlic powder. Right now, I am translating a Jerk Chicken Rub so I can go back for more.

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