New home

Wendy and I arrived at my new home to discover an almost modern, 70’s, looking building. The elevator is like a freight elevator but smaller and definitely a regular passenger elevator. We closed and opened the door to ride. My apartment lies at the end of a long hall. My favorite part are the keys (above).When in the apartment, we go through a barely noticeable hall, leading to two doors. One is the owner’s side, locked, the other is the kitchen and two separate small rooms with a private bathroom at the end of the hall. The bathroom is a room with the shower in the wall. Not a separate shower. I love my new home.

On Flight

I left Houston on time to Buenos Aires. My excitement began when I settled into my seat and listened to the buzz of Spanish in the cabin. This is when it hit me. That buzz will be everywhere when I get to Buenos Aires. I had a little tear and got cozy.

They passed out a piece of paper to fill out, an entry document, to enter into the country; no one mentioned this to me. They ask your nationality. What am I? I’m a mutt. I’m American? Caucasian? What am I? I am a Chicagoan from the United States of America. In fact, there was a space marked CHI for chili, instinctively I almost checked it. Oh, the CHI-town.

I don’t really associate myself with most of the United States. What I love most about my Country is that we can travel freely through without borders and all the states are so different. We are like little countries. Why isn’t there a better way to say it then ‘American’? This is a flaw in the system.

My friend Bob argued that we say American because we are the only Country in the Americas with America in the title. Now that I am faced with meeting other people from another America, It feels wrong to take ownership. I’m glad to be a part of the Americas. My nationality, estadounidense. There is no English translation for this.

Leaving Chicago

As a child, I dreamed of going all over the world. My dad traveled internationally quite a bit, for work, and I still remember the smell of the luggage when he packed up. I knew then, my goal was to see the world.

At that age dreams seem so far away. For a long time, I never felt deserving of my dreams or goals. Still, today, I can find myself having the ‘I’m too old’ attitude or thinking that I’ve missed my window. Dreams were for other people, with more money or more talent. I was just a basic girl who worked hard for her money, came from a middle-class, with parents who worked hard for their money. There wasn’t excess money. My perception was stuck.

I know now these are excuses. I know now that anything is possible and anything that really pays off takes serious effort. For me, it took some life changing events to occur before I could begin to realize how I could be who I am, deep inside.

As I have been slowly ‘peeling the onion’. This trip has become one of the layers. This dream is an extension of my spirit being filled with an un-materialistic force, including being filled with the spirit of family/friends. This dream was not new and technically I have been planning for this my entire life.
I am sitting at Ohare Airport two hours early. Apparently, I’m a little over-zealous for this trip. This is my first International flight. I took my time through bag-check and security. There was very little traffic in either department. It has been a great time to write for my BLOG and make last minute phone calls. Good-bye Chicago.


Thank you

To my sister who has always stood by me, encourage me, put up with me and listened. To the rest of my immediate family, Dad, Mom and Ben, I love you. You are all the most important people in my life. Huge thanks to The Moore household, Rick, and Andy, for being so darn cute. To all my Argentine and fellow-traveler friends, the knowledge from your experiences has been extremely valuable. My extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma, married into and/or adopted, joined on or family friends. To all my new and old friends, you make my life so much fun. To Angela who has been a constant source of inspiration and understanding. And to my personal God, Thank you.